The Dargaville Veterinary Centre is open for business as normal under Level One. We thank you for your support and understanding over the past couple of months.

Andy David

Companion animal veterinarian Andy David

Growing up in a home full of cats, dogs, birds and whatever else the neighbours would bring around, Andy was from an early age acquainted with the thrills, spills and idiosyncrasies of living with animals.

A ’92 graduate of The University of Pretoria, South Africa, Andy has gained extensive experience of companion animal clinical practice in a number of countries (8 at the last count!). By his own admission, he was ‘distracted’ for a while (10 years + is a long while Andy! Ed.) by a job in Industry where he worked both in New Zealand and overseas as a Technical Manager for a major multinational veterinary pharmaceutical company.

That experience has served him well, providing him exposure to global experts in clinically relevant fields and enabling him attend a number of cutting edge continuing professional development conferences that have provided him knowledge and skills valuable in his daily practice here in Dargaville.

Andy describes himself as a true ‘generalist’, enjoying all aspects of casework, although when pushed, he does admit to a particular interest in dermatology and dentistry. ‘Cat and dog skin disease has a profoundly negative effect on an animal and owner’s life and restoring skin health provides huge relief to all concerned.’ notes Andy.

Andy lives with two animals (assuming teenage offspring are not included in the definition of ‘animal’!)- a large and lovely Labrador cross and an aloof and (on its own terms) affectionate tortoise shell cat called ‘Milo’.