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Dental Services

Lifting the lip … on pet dental disease

The most common dental ill we see is ‘periodontal disease’- an inflammatory disease of the teeth and mouth. It’s a progressive condition that can initially start in quite young animals but over time manifests in the older animal as bad breath, tartar deposits on teeth surfaces and loose and lost teeth.
The afflicted pet may initially seem normal but can become slow or reluctant to eat, resent having its mouth touched or develop chronic oral infections. Interestingly, periodontal disease has been associated with a number of generalised body conditions well away from the mouth, heart disease in particular.
Pain is invariably present and has a significant effect on the life quality of the affected animal. Reducing mouth inflammation and restoring a more normal mouth environment can thus have a hugely beneficial impact to such animals and give them a new lease of life.
At the Dargaville Veterinary Centre we have the skills, experience and equipment to manage not only periodontal disease but also many other oral conditions (ulcerative stomatitis in cats, for example). We are equipped with a dental X-ray machine, an ultrasonic tooth scaler and a high speed dental drill and polisher which enables the atraumatic extraction of even major teeth and the restoration of smooth surfaces to remaining teeth.
So … lift your pet’s lips and if you don’t like what you see (or smell!) come and see us and we will restore your pet’s oral health.

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