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Vaccines for Ewe Performance

Vaccines for Ewe Performance

Ewe Performance Vaccines

Androvax is the exception to this and works by increasing the number of follicules ovulated by the ewe resulting in a higher percentage of multiple births in ewes.



Campyvax4® protects against campylobacter abortions in ewes.  Campylobacter is a bacteria that usually causes abortions in late pregnancy or the birth of weak lambs that die soon after birth.  Campylobacter can spread from ewe to ewe, but abortions are not seen until three weeks after infection; this means that by the time you realise that there are problems in your flock the bacteria have a LONG headstart on you.


We recommend you ensure your flock is fully vaccinated before tupping.  For your replacement ewes, two vaccinations four to six weeks apart are required.  For ewes that have been previously vaccinated an annual booster vaccination is recommended.  On average there is a 9% increase in lambing percentage across the flock, but this can be as high as 15% in MA ewes.



Toxovax® protects against Toxoplasma losses in ewes.  Toxoplasma is a protozoal parasite which is spread to sheep from cats.  It can cause early embryonic losses, an increase in dry ewes at scanning or abortions in late pregnancy.  Ensuring your maiden ewes are vaccinated at least four weeks before tupping starts is essential – Toxovax® is a live vaccine and will cause fetal losses if given during pregnancy.  Toxovax® vaccination is one vaccination for the life of the ewe; studies do not indicate any benefits of giving more vaccinations than this.  Feral cat control however, is also an important part of helping to prevent toxoplasma abortions.




Salmonella brandenberg has typically been seen as a cause of late term abortions in ewes in the South Island; it has not been diagnosed in the North Island.  Typically ewes are sick and some may die; if you have aborting ewes that are sick please talk to us promptly.



Androvax® is classed as a ewe performance vaccine but does not vaccinate against a disease! Androvax® works against the ewes normal hormone levels with the end result to increase the number of follicules ovulated by the ewe, ultimately resulting in more lambs born per ewe.  This is not typically a vaccine that we have found beneficial on local sheep farms; generally when Toxovax® and Campyvax4® are being used on farms, rams are fertile and ewe health and nutrition is appropriate, Androvax® is not required.  If you have questions about using Androvax® on your farm please talk to us.