The Dargaville Veterinary Centre is open for business as normal under Level One. We thank you for your support and understanding over the past couple of months.

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Ram Vasectomies - Teaser Image

Ram Vasectomies

Teaser rams should be in good health and have had surgery at least six weeks before they are required to be used….

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Abortion Investigations - Teaser Image

Abortion Investigations

In cases of ewe abortions it is important to try and establish the cause of abortions so we can try and prevent abortions again in the future, however, we only reach a diagnosis in about 50% of cases…. 

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Vaccines for Ewe Performance - Teaser Image

Vaccines for Ewe Performance

Ewe performance vaccines generally are vaccines against common causes of abortion in ewes, thereby helping to ensure a high percentage of lambs conceived result in a lamb at docking…. 

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Ram Soundness Testing - Teaser Image

Ram Soundness Testing

We believe that annual ram soundness testing is an important part of ensuring that you get the best from your sheep flock…. 

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Sheep Reproduction - Teaser Image

Sheep Reproduction

At Dargaville Vets, we focus on making sure your flock is ready to perform at its best then letting them get on with the job…. 

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