The Dargaville Veterinary Centre is open for business as normal under Level One. We thank you for your support and understanding over the past couple of months.

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In House Diagnostics

At the Dargaville Vet Centre we provide our clients with an in-house lab service that enables us to analyse certain samples, and get results to you faster.

Spore Counts:

Facial Eczema is a significant risk in Northland. Bring in your grass samples and we can analyse them the same day to give you an accurate spore count. This enables you to manage treatment only in times of risk on your farm.

Calf Scours:

If a fresh faecal sample is brought in we can run a test and have same day results as to whether it may be caused by Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E.coli or Cryptosporidium. This means you can start using the correct treatment quickly, get on top of disease faster, and not waste money on inappropriate treatments.

We still work closely with the commercial labs to identify unusual findings, and to ensure results are accurate.