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Mastitis Accreditation/Healthy Udder

Healthy Udder/Advanced Mastitis Accreditation/Demerit Relief


Do you feel like your mastitis rate could be reduced or your BTSCC could be lower?  Could your farm milking team perform better?  Have you tried everything to teach staff what you want them to do but it is not working?  If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you need to talk to us about “Healthy Udder”.

As part of having a NMAC (National Mastitis Advisory Committee) Advanced Mastitis Accredited vet at Dargaville Vets we offer the “Healthy Udder Service”, a programme tailored to your farm to:

  • Identify goals and prioritise areas for improvement
  • Develop policies and procedures, supported by skills training
  • Review progress and provide on-going support.


We create a fun interactive learning environment for the training sessions.  Each session is designed specifically around what we want the learning outcomes to be.


Use Healthy Udder Service at strategic times of the year including:

  • at dry off – to prepare the herd and team
  • before calving – to prepare the milking team for calving
  • during lactation – after a mastitis investigation or milk quality review to improve udder health

Having a NMAC accredited vet also means that we can provide assistance to access demerit relief under Fonterra’s Mastitis Support Programme.  This means that we can use the funds withheld by Fonterra for milk quality issues to help you address the issue and prevent future problems.

Follow the link below to the DairyNZ page regarding healthy udder.

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