The Dargaville Veterinary Centre is open for business as normal under Level One. We thank you for your support and understanding over the past couple of months.

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We have an experienced team of large animal vets that just love being out on farm. Currently there is a team of five production animal vets providing excellent service to our dairy farm clients across the Northern Wairoa area.

Our farm vets work in geographical areas which enables each farm to work closely with a dedicated vet. Having a large vet team means there is plenty of backup is available during those busy periods.

The team is passionate about dairy cows and has completed numerous industry accredited programmes. This means we can collaborate and share knowledge and provide our farm clients with the best service possible.

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In-House Diagnostics

At the Dargaville Vet Centre we provide our clients with an in-house lab service…

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Milk Quality

At Dargaville Vets we believe that good milk quality is extremely important for dairy farm operations….

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The goal of the Heifergain service is to ensure all dairy heifers reach the their target weights….

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There is no simple recipe for achieving good reproductive performance….

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Infovet is a ground breaking software programme that enables greater efficiency on farm…

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There are many important diseases of cattle which can be prevented by vaccination….

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In Calf

The In Calf program is designed to help farmers improve their herd reproductive performance….

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Healthy Hoof

This programme is a simple, step-wise approach to managing lameness on your dairy farm…

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Mastitis Accreditation/Healthy Udder

As part of having a NMAC Advanced Mastitis Accredited vet at Dargaville Vets we offer the “Healthy Udder Service”, a programme tailored to your farm…..

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Body Condition Scoring - Teaser Image

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring is an important tool used to assess your herd’s health status and support decision making on farm…..

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Animal Health Plans

The Animal Health Plan is the central hub for animal health management….

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Calf disbudding - Teaser Image

Calf disbudding

In October 2019 Animal Welfare regulations around calf disbudding are changing and local anaesthetic will be required…

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